“Be yourself because an original is worth more than just a copy.” Suzy Kaseem


I love this quote because the best copywriting really comes from your own authentic voice and you only, not anyone else. 

If you can’t get the messages and words right, how will your audience connect with you and understand your business? 

On our LinkedIn Live  we celebrated Laura’s birthday yay! (coincidently it’s my sister’s birthday today & also Sumeera’s!) with cake, candles and talked about all things copywriting and podcasting.

If I’m honest, copywriting is one of the things I find quite tricky to master, so I’m super excited to learn and improve my skills! Here’s what we learnt: 


4 amazing copywriting tips Laura shared with us:


  1. Know your audience! This is critical. Actively listen and pick up the language they use in comments or conversations and weave this into your tone of voice and how you write.
  2. It’s about writing copy that slaps you in the face! (especially if you are a publicist)
  3. Copywriting helps brands go from being conversational copy to converting copy that turns prospects into actual buyers.
  4. Make sure your copy comes across as being real and genuine as this helps to stand out and attract the right clients. 


Laura’s copy style is edgy, blunt, down to earth, swearing, no faffing around and the kind of copywriting that catches the attention of the mavericks and rebels (rather than corporate clients, as that’s not Laura’s target audience). 

To get that kind of copy working for her, Laura worked with a copywriting coach called Lewis Dalton to find her authentic voice

Well, when you think about it, finding a good copywriter is hard. So learning to do it yourself is the next best thing.

What Lewis did was give Laura the confidence to be braver and sound more like Laura in the messaging style, and tone of voice of words which made the copy super tight.


Starting a Podcast


How we sound is just as important as the words we write and these days everyone loves a podcast.

Podcasts, Clubhouse, Instagram Lives, YouTube Lives and LinkedIn Lives have seen huge growth recently. 

People are very open to listening to them – it’s a great way to hear someone’s story via audio and not have to be seen on screen. 

There’s no need to do your makeup, you can host them with messy hair, in your hoodies, pyjamas and still add value!

When I first started podcasting, I took a Seth Godin course and he said to start with a small audience – with someone you already know well to grow your confidence.


3 tips for podcasting


  • You might think – which guests do I need to get on? I’d say it’s very much about knowing who your audience is and bringing in the people that match your audience’s interest.
  • It doesn’t have to be perfectly polished when you first start.  Perfectionism can stop us from creating.
  • If you can get your guests to do video too this is a GREAT advantage. With video you can stream and share on Instagram’s IGTV, LinkedIn, YouTube and Podcasts via Spotify and other audio mediums. 


In summary, copy and messaging is critical to the marketing of your business and it’s another one of those massively overlooked topics!

Email marketing is also a big one with a huge opportunity for growing your email list, talking to them, getting loyalty and its regular communication.  

Email is there in your inbox, it’s your list to keep and people do trust and take time to read emails. That’s another topic for next time!

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