How I supercharged Kip Hideaways membership growth strategy


Kip Hideaways is a membership site showcasing a curation of the very best UK holiday rentals for 2-6 people. Created by boutique travel industry experts, Liz and Sarah, Kip Hideaways takes the faff out of looking for and booking affordable rentals. The site is a one-stop-shop for reliable reviews, best prices, and stunning hideaways. 

Emmie started working with Kip Hideaways because they wanted to supercharge their membership growth, implement a member retention strategy, and launch a premium membership. Having been in business for 2.5 years, they were already running a thriving membership but wanted a strategy and plan to scale and double their membership numbers in 12 months.

As a result of working together, Kip Hideaways wanted a clear strategy and detailed plan to accomplish their goals. 


What Emmie Faust achieved whilst working with Kip Hideaways


Kip Hideaways was already running a booming membership site but they wanted a framework for growth. It was important for the founders to brainstorm their thoughts with Emmie and clarify what to focus on.

Having analysed the business, Emmie put together a marketing plan to increase brand awareness and double traffic to the site. The goal was to attract members by increasing the number of free subscriptions by 40%.

Next, Emmie looked to improve the conversion rate from free membership to premium membership. One of the most important aspects of her plan with Kip Hideaways, and many of the businesses she works with, was to improve the retention of existing customers and increase customer lifetime value by 30% or more over the next 12 months.

A strategic business growth plan can be overwhelming. So, Emmie worked with the Kip Hideaway founders to prioritise tasks and provided recommendations for outsourcing where needed. The team is already fantastic at PR, email marketing and social media – but Emmie remained on hand to make implementing the marketing and growth strategy a breeze.


Kip Hideaways feedback from working with Emmie Faust


Are you likely to recommend Emmie to another business owner or founder and why?

100%. Emmie really helped us hone in on what we need to do to drive the business forward and grow it. She provided masses of resources and helpful, focused and personal advice.

Why did you decide to work with Emmie?

Because of her wide experience and a word of mouth recommendation.

What would you say to someone thinking about working with Emmie? 

Do it. In terms of what we’ve got out of it, it was absolutely worth the money.

What tangible results have you got from working with Emmie or how could you describe the value Emmie has brought to your business?

Emmie has helped put in place a growth plan for the Kip Hideaways. This is not our area of expertise so her analysis, advice and support have been, and will be while we carry it out, invaluable.


To sum up


After working together, the team behind Kip Hideaways feel inspired to carry forward their business growth plan. Emmie believes they will do exceedingly well as they continue to provide gorgeous self-catering hideaways and form a community of like-minded souls.  She is currently working with them on an ongoing project to optimise the website with one of her freelance team that is a conversion rate optimisation expert.


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