Want to smash your goals in 2022? And have clarity in Jan to get shit done?

If you want to go into 2022 confident that you have a plan for success then I’ve got something for you.

Debbie and I are running a workshop in Jan

It’s going to be epic

You’re going to get results

We’re sharing our proven framework

We’ll identify the mission-critical

We’ll hang out with other ambitious people and hold each other accountable

There is no reason why 2022 won’t be your best year yet (whatever that means to you) – it could be doubling your turnover, working less but earning more, or scaling your business to new heights. Yup, I have had clients do all those things in 2021.


What’s In It For You?

  • Clarity on 2022 Goals
  • 90-day plan to achieve your goals
  • Accountability buddy to keep you on track
  • Worksheets + resources

The workshop will be hosted by Debbie and Emmie live on Zoom.

Come and join us on the morning of 11th January for 3 hours of planning to smash the shizzle out of 2022.


Smash your 2022 Goals Workshop

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