Has your business been frozen by the current circumstances?

Normally, as founders, it’s us seeking the change.

Getting out there, making it happen.

Changing things on purpose.

To grow. To scale. And to experience more success.

We’ve told ourselves we’re good at change. That we can handle it.

But this, what we’re experiencing right now, is a different sort of change.

The change we seek, the change we initiate, the change we enjoy is ‘chosen change’.

What we’re riding through right now is unchosen change.

And it can be paralyzing.

At a time when our team are looking to us for leadership….

Or at a time when we need to rapidly make strategic decisions….

At a time when the viability of our businesses depends on what we choose to do right now….

At a time when everything seems so uncertain in this world….

Our fear can cause us to freeze.

I’ve been speaking to clients and business owners who are all facing very tough conditions and having to make important strategic decisions with no real notice – which is rare.

Normally we have time to prep for big changes.

But nobody saw this coming. Nobody was ready for this.

And now there is so much change. For us all. And that is very unsettling.

But we do need to adjust, adapt and keep going.

Conditions may be tough, but businesses are still getting investment (I’ve helped a client secure funding just very recently). And still winning clients.

And still pursuing plans to scale.

What does this make possible?

If you need help getting past the initial paralysis, listen to my podcast with Elise Finn in which she talks us through three stages to adapt to adversity. Have a listen here

I keep referring back to the question that Elise asks in this episode – ‘What does this make possible?’

We will get through this, although it is going to be a tough journey.

I would love to know if you have had to put your plans to scale or get investment on hold, or are you still pursuing them?

The Adversity Triangle

  1. Outside. What is outside of my control that I need to accept?
  2. Inside. Within my control, what will help me move through this crisis/event? (What do I need to do? What can I ask others to do?)
  3. Gratitude. What am I grateful for that continues to nourish me? (What am I grateful for externally? And what am I grateful for from myself?)

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