How we turned around Cook Folk’s fortunes in just three sessions

Louisa runs a company called Cook Folk. She is a food writer, author and cookery teacher. Before lockdown she had a lovely thriving business but everything fell to pieces during lockdown as she wasn’t able to continue with her face-to-face workshops . Louisa came to me as she was struggling to see how she could take her business forward.

  • 3 x 60 minute Sessions and homework in between.
  • SWOT analysis,
  • Research and Reviewing opportunities within and outside of the business

One of the things that we did in between sessions was to produce a survey so that Louisa could reach out to existing and prospective customers to ask what they want and need when it comes to food and cooking.


Having done the survey we were confident to work out what customers wanted and from that we created some new product offerings which include:

  • Online Masterclasses focused on speciality areas such as low sugar cooking, vegan cooking, low carb and seasonal cooking. All of these were requested by those in the survey.
  • These masterclasses will al so be recorded and available for customers to purchase and watch at their leisure
  • Bespoke 1:1 online cookery sessions – where customers can book 90mins to benefit from Louisa’ s expert advice
  • Meal Plans delivered monthly to s tart with and then fortnightly-focused on supper with friends and family.

Louisa now has an opportunity to sell to a global audience. Customers can now benefit from being able to access her workshops and meal plans wherever they are in the world! The survey also created a customer base for Louisa to sell to as she had a list of people who had shown interest in these new offerings and said what product s they would buy.


“If you asked me what I got out of the sessions with Emmie, Well if you compare how I was feeling prior to the sessions to how I’m feeling now – they’re worlds apart. Before I started working with Emmie, I felt really quite low and uncertain about the future of Cook Folk. I had really los t my confidence to be honest. Following these sessions I feel really empowered and enthusiastic. I feel like I’ve got a fantastic action plan that I can go and execute. And I’ve really been bolstered and shown how brilliant the things that I do are and how much people want to have access to that knowledge. And so it’ s been crucial, really in me finding a way forward.”

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