Helping female founders & growing a successful consultancy business

In conversation with Julia Elliott Brown, founder of  Enter The Arena. We’re here to talk about how Julia has been growing a successful consultancy business by helping female founders by providing them with the skills and confidence to scale their business.

Julia is a leading equity fundraising expert and specialist coach, working exclusively with female founders. As a serial entrepreneur who’s successfully raised investment for her own business several times, Julia knows what it takes to navigate the challenging process of building, funding and scaling a high-growth potential business in the early years. And they’ve helped hundreds of female founders take that very same journey.

Enter The Arena empowers female founders to fly through pre-raise and investment, and on to the exponential growth of their business. Our firsthand experience, expert guidance and proven programmes help female founders unleash the wonder woman inside.

In this episode, I talk to Julia about

  • The work that she does helping female founders on their fundraising journey
  • The growth of her own business Enter The Arena
  • Why she niched to focus on working with women
  • Clubhouse and what is working right now

Watching the interview

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