Building a disruptive brand in the cooking industry with Nick Orme & Jack Raison

The need for building a disruptive brand in the consumer world will always be there, whether it’s Nike’s drive to change gender norms, Tesla’s powerful new kinds of energy, or even Netflix and the advent of television streaming apps.

The idea for the Njori tempo came about through a shared love of good design, technology and an obsession with fried chicken.

As product designers and keen cooks Nick and Jack faced a common problem when experimenting with new recipes and techniques – lack of accuracy, and too many single use kitchen gadgets, taking up space in our kitchens.This dilemma got their design and development brains thinking: why isn’t there a single product that offers complete control with endless possibilities to experiment, yet comes in a streamlined design that takes up a fraction of cupboard space? The idea of the Njori Tempo was born!

Join me and Njori founders, Nick Orme & Jack Raison to talk about building a disruptive brand in the cooking industry and their crowdfunding journey. They smashed their Kickstarter target in less than 24 hours!

We will talk about…

  • The different stages of growth to date (Crowdfunding, strategy + planning, Kickstarter)
  • Marketing & branding
  • Finding the right agencies
  • Connecting with their audience
  • From their research what important insight and findings were helpful?
  • Why Kickstarter? And more!

Watching the interview


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