Creating an authentic and meaningful brand


When it comes to picking which brands to like and support, 90% of consumers feel authenticity is key. For younger generations, authenticity is a major deciding element in brand selection. Being honest and real is what brand authenticity is all about. When a company is authentic, it is open and honest about its mission and beliefs. Your policies are clear, and you establish an emotional bond with your customers.

People enjoy hearing stories. Real stories about the obstacles your brand experiences and how you overcome them to expand your business, not simply promotional and marketing texts. Your customers will enjoy reading stories that offer value, educate them, answer their questions, and provide helpful advice.

There is no denying that each individual person has a story to share and tell, but how you go about telling that story is crucial. You will build a community based upon those who like your authenticity and who align with your vision, mission and values.

On this episode of the Growth CoLab Show, we are with Aarti Parmar and we talk about…

  1. Creating an authentic and meaningful brand.
  2. What makes a brand?
  3. How to define your brand?
  4. What are your brand values?

Watching the interview


You can watch the video below or here on YouTube > Aarti Parmar Interview


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