Importance of having a social media strategy

Social media is a massive topic and we were over the moon to have Sarah Pascaru join us on The Growth Show.  Sarah is a member of Growth CoLab and is a social media strategist, her business Social Jooce was born in Australia (in a juice bar!)


Growing your business on social media

Watch the recording of the live session here 👇 or listen here on The Growth Show with Emmie Faust

Why is it important to have a social media strategy?

It’s super important to have a strategy to get you from A to B and achieve your social media goals (which should be in line with your business goals).

Social media helps build trust and move people from browsing/learning more about you and your services/ product to actually purchasing.  Multiple touchpoints in different places are needed in the customer journey.  Social media helps to build that ‘know, like, and trust’ factor

Having no strategy costs you time and money.  If you don’t know why you are doing it or what your goals are it can be frustrating. Having a strategy means you can be calm, means you know where you are going, and stops you from getting overwhelmed (and wasting money)

Content planning  – on Sarah’s poll on Instagram about 50% of people say that they post on the fly and 50% plan their social media post.  With content planning the strategy is important, but you do need some flexibility so if something comes up you can be flexible.  Batching a month’s content is a great way to do it and enables you to focus on other things in the business.  Though personally I often post on the day/ randomly too when something important comes into my brain.


Some of the biggest pitfalls when it comes to social media

Trying to do everything!  Trying to be on every platform, posting everywhere, and trying to use all the features on every platform.  Aim to focus on 2-3 platforms and do that really well.  Otherwise, it can be overwhelming. Choose the platform where your audience is.  My audience is mainly on LinkedIn, but I do have Instagram and Twitter (rarely post there though). Debbie suggests that there is a Venn Diagram – what do you enjoy and where are your customers and then look at that intersection.  


What does a social media strategy look like?

Sarah shares the components of a social media strategy

  • Social media goals – what are you trying to achieve that is in line with your business goals
  • Content Strategy
  • Understanding when your audience is online and which platforms they are on
  • User personas – important for social media look at more than just demographics – look at routine (when are they on social media)
  • Hashtags – how many and which hashtags to use on which platform (this list needs to be regularly updated)
  • Competitor Research on social media – how does their audience engage, how can you set yourself apart, what is working and what are they not doing so that you can differentiate from competitors.

Then Sarah has a session with the client after strategy to talk through implementation.


Social media strategy and implementation issues

  • Reiterate and show the importance of doing the work to get the results
  • Sometimes it can be overwhelming – so break it down into small steps
  • Need internal team members who understand the social media strategy and have the capability to implement
  • Audit and review what is working and what is not – test, review and refine

Connect with Sarah Pascaru


A social media consultancy that empowers you to make meaningful connections with your customers on social and to turn them into engaged, loyal fans. Combining social strategy, consultancy, and creative content to help you build brand awareness and to stand out on social media. Find out more about Social Jooce here.

Connect with Sarah Pascaru on LinkedIn here.


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