My Grandad was a heart doctor.  He was an expert at mending hearts. His advice was quite simply always use an expert. I take that advice. When I am ill, when I need help with my business or when I need the answer to something.  I hire someone that is an expert.

In the long run, it always ends up saving me a lot of worries. (I am a worrier when it comes to health – the result of growing up in a medical household and being aware of all the things that could go wrong!)

It saves me money in my business. And it has saved me time that I would prefer to spend with my kids, my friends or doing something for me!

Reasons to Hire a Marketing Expert - Emmie Faust ConsultingHere are six reasons to hire a marketing expert:

1) Stress Less

2) Save Time

3) Save Money

4) Know you are on the right track

5) Ask Questions. Get Answers

6) Connect and build relationships with experts and their network

I was listening to a webinar at the weekend hosted by ‘an expert’ on this exact topic and it resonated with me – I had to hear it from someone else to realise that it’s so true. Looking at the times I have tried to do it myself, it has taken me so much longer. It has cost me more money and ended up stressing me out. I love learning.

Don’t get me wrong it’s great to learn from experts. Learning in a structured way (like a mastermind group) can be ace. It’s great to have the accountability of others. What this guy was saying though is that trying to learn everything on your own is not the most direct path.  It’s the slower, more annoying, sometimes stressful path. You’re not quite sure whether you are on the right path or not.  You waste precious time and money.

The experts will save us all time. They have done it many times before. It’s much easier for them than it is for us.  They have tried and tested it before and they know the answers, they will get there quicker, it will be easier. In the long run, it’s also cheaper.

I found this recently: I was struggling with something for a client. I could have spent ages trying to work it out myself. Searching google, watching videos and consuming course content!  But I decided to hire an expert for an hour’s consulting. I got what I wanted in about 15 minutes and I ended up delivering something amazing to my client – this was so much easier.

Reasons to Hire a Marketing Expert - See the Wood for the Trees. Emmie Faust Consulting

My time is worth a lot to me.  It makes much more sense for me to pay someone for an hour if it saves me 3 or 4

I always say to my clients that they need to use an expert.  I won’t do their PPC, I won’t do their Facebook ads, I won’t do their copywriting, I won’t do their brand messaging.

We’ll use my network of experts. They will do it better, cheaper and more cost-effectively than me because I am not a specialist in that area.  My expertise is in building businesses and helping people with their digital and marketing strategy.

If a campaign has the potential to work, then an expert will be able to get results.

If you think that PPC or paid social ads don’t work then I would ask you, were you using an expert or trying to cobble it together yourself? Using an expert helps you see the wood for the trees.

Get in touch if you want some help.  I’m an expert at what I do, and I have a network of fab suppliers that are experts at what they do.

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