Finding the right co-founder and growing a global wellbeing platform

Mamma Wellbeing is a one-stop platform where you can explore the world of wellbeing.  They curate leading practitioners and therapists from around the world enabling people to learn more about therapies and try trusted therapists.

On this episode of the Growth CoLab Show, we’re with Carmella and Annabel from Mamma Wellbeing and we talk about…

  1. Growing a wellbeing platform authentically
  2. How to assure shared values and skills through ‘Mamma Bootcamp’
  3. Finding the right co-founder for your business

A super interesting part of our conversation was all around finding the right co-founder.  Something that is important, even vital to growth but not always given the attention it deserves.


Watching the interview

You can watch the video below or here on YouTube > Mamma Wellbeing Interview

Finding the right co-founder

Finding the right co-founder is a real challenge for founders.  I have heard of many situations where there is friction between the founders.  Time and time again I hear of companies breaking up or really struggling because the founders just don’t get on.  It’s all too easy to jump into bed with a co-founder before you have actually taken the time to really get to know them. To understand their values, their dreams, their inspiration, and what is important to them.

It’s so important to spend time getting to know your co-founder.  Carmella knew from the beginning that she wanted to work closely with Annabel and wrote her a letter pitching the business idea of Mamma Wellbeing. They spent a lot of time together.  Just being together and sharing their thoughts, ideas, values, and passions.

Shared passion and joy for what they are doing get them through any challenges and they can reflect that ‘Why’ back to each other.

Working, meditating, setting intentions, doing yoga, and immersing themselves in their business was a mini Mamma Bootcamp.  The initial first few months together were key to really getting to know each other and to check values and intentions were aligned.

“You need to do the intense bit at the beginning to check that everything is aligned and find the energy”

They also talked about the Importance of being open, transparent, and vulnerable with your co-founder so that you can share your past experiences and fears.

Connecting with Mamma Wellbeing

Finding the right co-founder. Interview with Mamma Wellbeing Instagram on

What a wonderful interview with Annabel and Carmella. I love the way that they are intentionally not rushing their business growth but it’s growing authentically and consciously.  Taking the time to listen to what is needed, to speak with clients and practitioners and make business decisions with clarity.

Do check out Mamma Wellbeing if you are curious about wellbeing. There is so much info there and also you can always schedule a consultation call with them.

You can follow Mamma on Instagram where they share lots of great content and practitioners share advice and tips.

I worked with Mamma founders and the team over a 3 month period helping them with their growth strategy and I will continue to support them in any way I can.  I’m aligned with their values and the direction that they are going with Mamma.  Wishing them all the best in bringing more wellbeing and wellness to the world 😍

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