Business Growth Opportunities

Forget pivoting.

It’s quicker and easier to make use of those opportunities for growth you’ve been thinking about, but haven’t yet tapped into.

Maybe you’ve got a spark of an idea already.

Something you think might work, but you’re not 100% sure.

You know you could increase revenue by doing more with digital?

Or you’ve got a new product or offering in mind, but you’re not sure how to bring it to life.

Together we can explore your ideas, review the different opportunities open to your business and work out which ones are going to drive the most profit and impact.

Before we start working together I encourage you to do a free Business audit using my tool which will give you insight into areas to focus on for growth.  It takes less than 5 mins and you’ll get a personalised report so that you can be clear on the areas that need your attention.

Results that I’ve achieved finding new business opportunities in the market:

  • Worked with a client to identify new opportunities which have led to them securing investment (£300K)
  • Launched a business that secured £200K on Dragons’ Den
  • Launched a business that generated £1M in net profit in 14 months from start-up
  • Worked with clients to find them new audience segments which are much more profitable
  • Worked with clients to identify new ways of selling online to add to their offline income launching a successful online business that covered costs in just 3 weeks


Before I started working with Emmie, I felt really quite low and uncertain about the future of Cook Folk. I had really lost my confidence, to be honest.  If you compare how I was feeling prior to the sessions to how I’m feeling now – they’re worlds apart. 

Following these sessions, I feel really empowered and enthusiastic.  I feel like I’ve got a fantastic action plan that I can go and execute. And I’ve really been bolstered and shown how brilliant the things that I do are and how much people want to have access to that knowledge.  And so it’s been crucial, really in me finding a way forward.

Louisa Chapman-Andrews, Founder, Cook Folk


Next Steps

Once you have done the Ultimate Growth Audit then do book a chat here to discuss the next steps.

My initial offering is a Strategy Growth Plan where we will review your results from the audit and put together a top-level marketing strategy, tactics and 12-month budget. We’ll also identify what is mission-critical to your business so that you can focus on that and get results!  After this piece of work if you need ongoing support we can talk about working together long-term.



What my clients say about working with me

If you are looking for help with your marketing, business or mentoring then Emmie is the one to go to.  I had worked with several people before Emmie and they all proved to be very costly and keen to throw our funds into very leaky buckets.  A big thanks to Emmie for all her help, understanding that startups are not made of money but pushing me to put funds where they are most useful.  She is BRILLIANT!

Suzann Bozorgi, Founder, RoomLab

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