Helping the founder of a cookery business pivot her business online after COVID-19 hit.


About Cookfolk

Louisa Chapman-Andrews is a food writer, author and teacher who had a thriving business running face-to-face cookery workshops.  

As a result of COVID-19, Louisa had to close her face-to-face workshops.  When I met her, she was struggling to work out how to take her business forward.  


How did I help Louisa? 

The very first thing that we did was a SWOT analysis – looking at the strengths and weaknesses in Louisa’s business and also reviewing the opportunities for growth within and outside her business. We knew that COVID was a significant threat so we focused on the positive options that were available to help her grow, despite the pandemic.

I helped Louisa see that there was a compelling opportunity for her to offer online cookery lessons and workshops which she hadn’t previously considered.  

Louisa was apprehensive as she felt she didn’t have the requisite expertise and understanding of the tech platforms to deliver the classes, but I shared my resources with her and explained how to use these successfully.

One of the things that I encouraged Louisa to do was to connect with her ideal customers and interview them to find out more about what they want and need. She conducted a survey which provided some really valuable information around which masterclasses her customers wanted, and an additional value-add was that many of the respondents became a customer base for her new offerings. 

We also talked about Louisa’s mindset and how vital this is for growth. I gave Louisa the confidence to accept that she could do this and that there were lots of people who valued her expertise and skills. It was important that she could continue to share her skills widely, even if it meant delivering her offering in a different way.

What happened next?

Louisa now offers live online masterclasses on low sugar, low carb, vegan and seasonal cooking – all suggested by respondents from the survey. These sessions are recorded and can therefore be purchased and watched at any time. Clients can also book 90-minute private sessions for bespoke cookery classes, as well as buying monthly meal plans which focus on meals with family and friends. 

“Before I started working with Emmie, I felt really quite low and uncertain about the future of Cook Folk. I had really lost my confidence, to be honest. Following my sessions with Emmie, I feel really empowered and enthusiastic. I feel like I’ve got a fantastic action plan that I can go and execute, and I’ve really been bolstered and shown how brilliant the things that I do are, and how much people want to have access to that knowledge. It’s been crucial, really, in me finding a way forward.” 

– Louisa Chapman-Andrews, Founder, Cook Folk


About Emmie Faust 

A seasoned and successful entrepreneur, I’ve founded, grown and sold multiple businesses since 2005. I now work with ambitious service-based founders and larger organisations that want to win more clients and grow their business through results-focused marketing. 

 My tried-and-tested process includes auditing a business and conducting further research leading to a new strategy, the creation of marketing channel budgets and ongoing marketing reporting. I also introduce clients to my most trusted suppliers.

 You can find out here more about working with Emmie on business growth strategy.



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I can’t recommend working with Emmie enough, she has completely changed the way I think about my business (for the better) and given me a rocket-fuelled plan. Just say yes!

A complete no brainer as she is BRILLIANT!

Suzann Bozorgi, Founder, RoomLab


Three months after joining The Growth Programme, I tripled my monthly revenue target! I couldn’t believe it.

– Anika Awasthi, Grad Careers Coach

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